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Curriculum In Practice



Management of the Curriculum

Time Allocations:

The way time is allocated will depend on our analysis of pupils’ needs and also on the aims and priorities of the school. The school will also take into account national initiatives to raise standards of attainment and to strengthen teaching and learning.

The time allocated to a subject will result from discussions between governors, the Head Teacher and teaching staff, taking account of priorities identified by the school. Time allocated to subjects is likely to vary slightly between year groups in the school. In addition, there may be separate time allocations for individual children or groups of children, in order to help them to meet their particular learning needs.


Curriculum Planning


The school curriculum statement is under-pinned by policies for specific areas.

Monitoring of the Curriculum

Evaluation of the Curriculum

To read the Primary National Curriculum in full please download it here

 PDF icon Primary National Curriculum 2014


This statement was drawn up after consultation between the school and governors.

Reviewed September 2019

Next review date September 2020