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Sport Funding


PE and Sport at Castleview



Government has committed to keeping the £150m a year Primary PE and Sport Premium until 2020. The dedicated fund goes directly to primary school Headteachers so that they can decide how best to use it to provide sporting activities for pupils. 


Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but have the freedom to choose how they do this.  Castleview have so far invested the funding in the development of  the staff supporting them in  their delivery of Physical Education this includes whole school staff training of Create Developments real PE programme as well as the recruitment of a PE & Sport Consultant to help  further develop staff confidence and knowledge to embed it within the curriculum.


Castleview School Sports Premium Report - 2019/2020

We have received an impact report from Create Development that can be seen by clicking here, it clearly shows the impact that this is having on our school.  This is down to our own dedication to improve our PE provision as well as being part of the SSSN and the opportunities for staff training/children's competitions that this offers. 


The Senior Leadership Team and PE/Sports Subject Leaders regularly review the impact of sports funding throughout the term and monitor its impact on our pupils. All teachers now use Real PE in order to develop their teaching skills in PE and Games but most importantly develop the children’s skills.


Our pupils show a great deal of enthusiasm and enjoyment for Sports and PE.  This is due to REAL PE training which has increased the confidence and skill level of all teachers delivering PE. Furthermore, this in turn has supported the development of our middle leaders in school.  We have 27 clubs (of which 19 are sport focused) and over 700 applications (increase of 36%) which shows that our parents and children enjoy being active and participating in PE and Sport.  

As a school we promote a healthy lifestyle in children from an early age and provide a wide variety of clubs for the children to benefit from. Participation in clubs has increased over the last two years by 36% and all sport clubs are fully booked this term.

The impact of the sports funding is evident in the positive feedback received by the pupils, staff and parents. The impact can also be seen by the amount of children participating in the SSSN sporting competitions. Castleview School have already participated in the Year 3/4 Football tournament and Boccia and are now looking forward to more upcoming competitions.  Our results in competitive sport last year were greatly improved and we acquired a number of trophies!

We applied for our ‘School Games Kite Mark’ award to which we were awarded Gold, again demonstrating our commitment to the School Games and Competition!

September 2019