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Welcoming our new Castleview School Councillors for 2020-2021:

Although our meetings will look a little different this year, we still intend to fulfil our duties and maximise our impact across the School.

Our key aims include:

- Ensuring all children have a voice and are able to share their ideas, opinion and feelings openly. 
- Representing students' views during School Council meetings.
- Helping identify areas of school which would benefit from improvement
- Representing the student body during meetings with visitors
- Giving students an insight into citizenship.

 Autumn Term Highlights

2.10.20 - Today, School Councillors were announced across the School and were provided with their badges. Prior to this, children spent time discussing the purpose and meaning of the role before putting themselves forward if they wished. A vote was then carried out within each class and our successful candidates were chosen. 

6.10.20 - We held our first meeting this morning. We discussed our aims for the year and made a start on our first task, evaluating the school menu! Over the next few weeks, the School Councillors will work alongside their teachers to complete a survey in their classes, identifying items that are popular on the menu and items or meals that the children would love to have on the new menu. 


12.10.20 - The School Councillors met with Miss Summan today, who is in charge of the School Kitchen and menu. They discussed their findings from completing a survey in class and highlighted new options that they would like to see on the new menu. 

11.11.20 - Today, the School Councillors met to discuss the upcoming Children in Need on Friday 13th November. We discussed the importance of the charity and the purpose of the day. As a collective, we have decided to support the charity through coming to school with crazy hair on Friday! We also discussed the importance of kindness and how we can demonstrate acts of kindness around the school. Each School Councillor collected a poster, '20 Random Acts of Kindness at School' and took it back to their classrooms. It is now their task to implement the acts of kindness throughout their classroom, identifying a way they can document what acts have been displayed. 


Anti-Bullying Week also falls in the next couple of weeks (16th - 20th November). We have arranged for children to come to school on Monday 16th wearing odd socks, in order to highlight that we are all unique! School Councillors will also work alongside their teachers to deliver a session where bullying and strategies to prevent it will be discussed.    

13.11.20 - Some of our School Councillors and their friends enjoying Crazy Hair Day today in aid of Children in Need.


Spring Term Highlights

13.11.20 - 
Today,  we held our first virtual School Council Meeting. Mu'adh, Charmi, Aleena and Arjan all attended the call to discuss all things remote learning. They shared their experiences of Google Classroom, what they're enjoyed along with making suggestions for future assignments. The children all agreed that the morning and afternoon virtual sessions are beneficial because the teacher's are able to help them with their work as well as being able to see their friends. They also made some great suggestions that will be shared with Mr Moloi.