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Reception Home Learning Page


Welcome to our Home Learning Page!


This week we have been learning about the jobs that Real Life Superheroes do.  We have been discussing what they wear and why they have different uniforms.  We each chose and designed our favourite Real Life Superhero.  We followed a recipe and made salt dough.  We then made our Real Life Superheroes and finally painted them. 

Home Learning suggestion this week – ‘Being Happy’

As this week has been National Mental Health Awareness week we are asking you to do something that makes you happy.  This might be going to the park/playground, spending time as a family or eating your favourite food.  Please draw a picture, take a photo or discuss ‘What makes you happy?’ with your child.  Please email these to:

Next week we will be getting ready for our Stay and Play.  We will be practising our reading and actions for our story ‘To The Rescue’.  We will also be getting creative again and making our buildings for our Real Life Superheroes Little Street, using Junk.


Please could you save any empty cardboard boxes, plastic containers, yoghurt pots and bottle tops you may have so we can use these to make our buildings. Please bring these in on Monday morning.




Today the children have been given their individual reading books. Please share this book with your children and encourage them to look at the pictures and tell the story. Also encourage them to use their sounds to sound out and blend the words together. For assistance with blending please see our phonics tutorials on the school website.

You child has now got a guided reading book.  We shared books in a group with a particularly focus in mind so please reread and enjoy these books with your child, thinking about the types of questioning that we spoke about at the workshop and that are exemplified on the bookmark that you took away.

This book may be changed any day next week (the teachers will work with a different group each day), so ensure you keep their school books and reading record in their bag and bring it to and from school each day. 

Your child has also come home with a library book. This is for you to share and read with your child. Remember to ask them many different styles of questions such as:

This book will be changed every Friday, please ensure the book is in the book bag.

 Please sign the diary to show which books have been read and when, with any additional comments about the child's engagement or understanding that you feel would be useful to share.  

Many thanks for your continued support!

Have a lovely weekend – Reception Team